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Sửa chữa biến tần - Lâm Gia Huy 0987 120 120|Phân phối độc quyền Veichi tại Việt nam. Phân phối chính thức Biến tần Veichi tại Viết Nam Chuyên cung cấp,sửa chữa máy biến tần,PLC, HMI, board mạch điện tử công nghiệp|Phân phối độc quyền Veichi tại Việt nam. Phân phối chính thức Biến tần Veichi tại Viết Nam Chuyên cung cấp,sửa chữa máy biến tần,PLC, HMI, board mạch điện tử công nghiệp

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  • Veichi AC80C

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Veichi AC80C series VSD is high performance current vector control inverter, with high accuracy speed control, quick torque respond, large torque output even under low speed. A single drive for all your needs with outstanding performance.

Applying the most advanced current vector control technology, Ti’s 32 bits DSP and latest IGBT technology to enhance its high performance, running reliability, and environment adaptability.


3 phase 220V,0.4-2.2kW
3 phase,220V, 0.4-75kW
3 phase, 380V/480V/660V,  0.75-560kW 

Products features:

1. Adopts Ti latest motor special control DSP, with innovative using 3 core CPU platform to enable complex vector control algorithm easy to achieve with ultra high speed calculating.

 2. High precision control for speed in OLV and CLV control.

 3. Strong dynamic absorbing characteristic , torque limiter , fast acting current limiter help to reduce OC alarm occur times.

4. Wide power voltage input, automatic voltage regulation (AVR), Continuous operation during momentary Power Loss (voltage ride-through), Restart with speed tracking, powerful adaptive capacity.

 5. Completely parameter copy new function of keypad. 

 6. Dual direction PID control, quick responsive

 7.High efficiency and high stability running

 8. Key code setting is available to protect parameter by foreign modify .

 9. Plentiful I/O interface to meet variety of challenging a application requirement. Built in RS485 interface for fully model.

 10.150% rated torque under 150Hz running is available with 50Hz basic frequency.

 11. Fully protection function with over current, over voltage and protect stall function, perfect self-detect power on function. New generation Infineon IGBT module bring you high reliability.

 12. Designed to adapt various environment, can be work well in more dust, moisture, oil application site with fully PCB coating. (Special painting which is moisture-proof, mould-proof and salt-proof painting )


AC80B high performance inverter best suited for various industrial application:

Textile: P-jump Winders, Extruders, Tufting Machines, Dye Pumps

 Packaging: In-feed / Out-feed, Case Packing, Bottling& Canning , Carton Manufacturing. Beverage packing

 Plastics & Rubber: Extruders, Blow Molding, Thermoforming , Injection Molding.

 Elevator: Construction Elevators , Geared Elevators ,Gearless Elevators ,Escalators

 Pulp & Paper: Paper Machines, Debarkers ,Winders, Saw Mills 

 Converting :Coaters ,Laminators ,Slitters ,Flying Cutters

 Air Handling :Supply and Return Fans ,Cooling Towers ,Spray Booths ,Dryers

 Oil & Gas :Top Drives  ,Pumpjacks, Down-hole Pumping  Centrifuges

 Pumping: Metering, Irrigation, Chillers, Positive Displacement

 Material Handling: Conveyors, Sortation, Palletizers, Coil Winding

 Metals: Stamping / Punch Press, Wind / Unwind,Cut-to-length, Wire Draw

 Construction Materials: Kilns, Planers, Flying Cutoff, Mixers

 Laundry: Dryers, Extractors, Folders, Washers

 Food & Beverage: Conveyors, Fillers, Mixers, Centrifuges

 Automotive: Stamping, Test Stands, Indexing, Metal Cutting



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